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Service on apple keyboard for Ipad touch

I called on Friday night to have them look at the keyboard I bought six months ago. The LED for caps lock didn't work. The person on the phone said to bring it in and they would look at it. When I got there at 10:30 I was told I needed and appointment. I said no one had told me on the phone. The head geek said he'd see when someone could look at it. The soonest was 1:15 that afternoon. I said that's not service, I cant wait for 2 hours and 45 minutes. I asked if I could leave it, the answer was no. That really pissed me off, so I smashed the keyboard on the floor and walked out. I was followed by mall security who said they had called the police. I would up with a citation for disturbing the peace. If you keyboard doesn't work, plan on spening a lot of time there.k They never did answer my question as to why no one told me to make and appointment. I suppose I was supposed to know.
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Roseville, Minnesota
Apple Repair

Apple - Genius???

I spilled iced tea on my Macbook on Sunday and couldn't get it to power up later in the day. Figured I'd take it to the Apple store and drop it off for an estimate to repair it. WRONG. I got to the store a few minutes after it opened at 10:00. The first Apple employee I encountered referred me to another. I told him my problem and he asked if they were expecting me. I told him no. I was told I would have to talk to a GENIUS and that required an appointment. He checked his computer and told me the first appointment was at 12:45. It seems odd that it would take a "GENIUS" to take my name and contact information along with an estimate fee if required and my computer to be evaluated. Needless to say my computer is in a different shop where it doesn't take a GENIUS to do business. It shouldn't take a GENIUS to figure out that Apple's competitors are catching up to Apples advantage in technology and design and in some cases surpassing it. If Apple wants to remain competitive they need to work on their customer service as well.
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"ARROGANCE" - I went to the Apple Store this last Wednesday. The entire city has been iced in for 4 days and I just happened to be close to the store.

I parked in front of the store on a solid sheet of ice and found my way into the store. I was shocked as I entered to see employees all over the place, at least a dozen. Told the first gentleman I was having problems with my phone. Oops have to go to the back and talk to THE Genius.

The first words out of his mouth was "do you have an appointment?" No! Well we need to make you one and he proceeded to make me an appointment. I guess the look on my face was too much for him so he said he would try and work me in and to have a seat over at this table. Sat there a while and watched as they were all roaming around talking.

Arrogance is the only word I have for being the only customer in a store and waiting on the Genius. Before I left I was basically called an "***" not in those words but that was the reference. Problem was I needed a new battery and my phone was on the recall list. However, when I said I thought the battery had been replaced at an AT&T store several years ago I lost my warranty.

Then right after I was told my warranty was void because a NON qualified Apple trained person had looked at my phone it dawned on me, "***" why did you take your phone to an AT&T store? Da! Cause I bought it there - along with the other 15 or so IPhones for my whole family. Apple's "ARROGANCE" & trying to make me feel like an "***" just wasn't enough.

When I challenged the "Qualified Highly Trained Apple Tech" (his words ) he basically called me a "LIAR". He said and I quote "I doubt very seriously that an AT&T store would work on your phone". Ok whatever you say Genuis. Bought my first IBM computer in 1975 and have run my businesses on DOS based systems for 40 years so I am going back to my roots.

Goodbye IPads and hello Surface. By the way bought the tools for my IPhone and put a battery in it. BY MYSELF can you believe it.

An Idoit like me.


I've worked for Apple as a "genius" and we always work by appointment due to the influx of people that have issues with their devices. You spoke to our "on point person" whose job it is to get people checked in for their appointments. If they were to have taken you then, right when you arrived, it would have been unfair for those customers who did make an appointment for that time.


>> The influx of people that have issues with their devices.

Anyone else find this interesting?


Most people at the Genius Bar have issues that center around an issue that they cannot resolve, usually related to general knowledge, or a lack thereof, about their particular product.

"Issues" (which you are trying to create, btw) are fewer hardware issues, as you intimate.)

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Roseville, Minnesota

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