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Apple has Lost Sight of their Patrons

6 Macs, 10 IPhones, 3 IPads, 4 IPods and now done with Apple products. There have been signs that Apple has grown to not care about their patrons... charging for support, very expensive extended warranties that cover very little, changing designs to cause obsolete products, deplorable labor practices, profiteering grosses that placed Apple on top of all corporations in the world for some quarters (number of products suggests not possible unless raping their patrons), and charging more than other corporations, and manufacturing products that don't hold up as well as the less expensive competitors. I am typing this on our oldest MacBook, which is now made obsolete by Apple because they fail to the correlation between their success and their patrons. Geniuses...I think not!
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Plus. Ow they link everything through iCloud and if yo by chance have a phone where someone passed away.

You cannot sell or use the phone because you do not know ther password or

User name! Even after you prove everything! That the phone is now yours!!! Arrogance.

I guess that they think since you cannot use that you,lol buy another one. Not me I am done with apple.


Sorry technology moves on, I do not understand where your review of Apple products makes you upset because Apple moved away from obsolete technology...


Sometimes things become obsolete. Sorry for your sadness but your complaint sounds crazy.

You want apple to support everything they ever sold? That does not happen in the real world.

However, you can keep your Apple devices like I keep my iPod 120. By paying to repair it myself


Anonymous, I did not say I wanted them to support everything they ever sold. I spoke to multiple observations; additionally, I'm not alone in these observations. If you work for them or have stocks in Apple, I sincerely apologize for my posting harming you.

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Saint Louis, Missouri
Apple Customer Care
  • Neglect of patrons and poor quality
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Apple would not exchange an unopened 64GB IPad Air 2 for a 128GB

I bought an Apple IPad Air 2 64GB at a Sam's Club in Columbia, MO and tried to return the unopened Ipad with the original receipt to upgrade to an IPad Air 2 128GB by paying the difference at the Des Pere, MO West County Mall Apple Store and they would not make the exchange. I called Apple and explained I called three Sam's club s in St. Louis and they did not have the 128GB and "Sue" said that Apple does not exchange their products purchased in other stores because they are imitations. Then "Rob" got on the phone and said Apple only stands by their products if they have a technical problem. He said Apple puts different serial numbers on their products and they do not support products not purchased in Apple stores.
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This complaint makes no sense. You return/exchange your product to the place you bought, not the manufacturer.


So you bought an apple device from a 3rd party reseller and tried to pawn it back to apple? Uh how is this Apple fault? Thats like me buying your BMW from you and then taking the same BMW and asking BMW to give me the upgraded better model for free....

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#663383 Review #663383 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Saint Louis, Missouri
  • Lack of answer
  • Apple lack of customer support
  • Customer service
Reason of review
Bad quality
Preferred solution
I want the Apple store in the Des Pere, MO mall to exchange the 64GB Apple Ipad Air 2 and give me a 128GB IPad Air 2 and pay the difference in price.

Apple - Bad customer service

I recently purchased an apple i-pod shuffle that was defective and received an e-mail to take it to an apple store in leawood kansas for a refund or exchange just to be told no refunds or exchange they wanted me to wait three hours for a tech to look at it i will never purchase an apple product ever. The people i spoke with were rude and seem to be talking to other customers rudely. When u first go in the store it total and complete confusion. One of the workers even told an elderly man that he could carry a plastic bag from another department store incredible.
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Why would you drive across the state to replace a shuffle?

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Saint Louis, Missouri

Apple - I was cheated out of warranty service.

I recently went to the Apple store seeking service for my iphone. I have had it for 9 months.I purchased the extended warranty. I was having an echo problem. Before the tech did anything, he checked a moisture detection strip located just inside the plug area. I didn't even know that this existed. He immediately told me that it has started to turn pink and that my phone must have been submerged and that my warranty was negated. I know for a fact that my phone was never submerged. I feel cheated. I am an honest person. I am 53 years old. It has taken a while for me to afford nice things like an iphone and this is what I get for it.
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The comments by the Apple employees are very telling about Apple's views towards their customers. As soon as my plan comes up for renewal I will be looking to switch back to Verizon and any other phone except one offered by Apple.


now the stripe was located inside plug area.. so even if you didn't submerged your phone..

the stripe if likely to catch moisture and turn pink eventually.. when you insert plug with sweaty hand etc..




you're an *** for trying to cheat us


if you didn't submerge the phone in moisture why did the strip show you did. You may not have didn't consciously but it could have collected in there overtime. All this could have been avoided by spending a few more dollars and a worth will protective case, negligence on your part...***.

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Saint Louis, Missouri

Apple - Best Buy Cape Girardeau, MO Part II CELL

1-29-09 I have been without my Blackberry now for 2 months. (You can read the earlier Best Buy Cape Girardeau for details) NO ONE at the Best Buy store in Cape Girardeau has returned my call this entire month. My paperwork says my target completion date is 1-5-09 which means nothing. I recommend you DO NOT buy a cell phone or anything for that matter from any Best Buy store. Speaking to a friend of mine yesterday, he told me how his iphone froze up, he called his provider and they over nighted him a new phone the new day with an envelope for him to return his nonworking one. Now that is service. The entire Best Buy staff at this store is rude and difficult at best. And to get them to answer the phone at this location is nearly impossible and then it is impossible to get the managers to return a call. 888BestBuy line is a joke too. I see the company as a whole is getting a new ceo this summer. I hope he realizes this company needs a customer service dept that strives for resolutions. Customer Service is non existent at this company. I bought a lamp last week at Wal-Mart. I brought it home and put a bulb in and it exploded. I returned the lamp the very next day with my receipt. The person that waited on me was very nice. She said they would simply return it to the company and insisted I go pick out a new lamp. Wow, I didn't have to wait two months and counting for a new lamp. I do not know what else to do. I DO NOT want my phone back. I Want MY $$$ back so I am not subjected to this insulting experience ever again.
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#144724 Review #144724 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Saint Louis, Missouri

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