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An apple rep bet me $5000 that Amazons phone number isnt 888280**** (it is) he said it is a scam number and began screaming at me, I was shaking uncontrollably and apple has not cared and has ignored me via social media for months now. Its sad and I made a discovery that there are illegal hackers and scammers allll over apples bounty program that also are the same reps Ive been dealing with at amazon for 7 months now and they have been found on scam sites and admit via customer service support that they are scammers they do not care and yes I can 10000% validate they are employees of Amazon as well as I have admissions that they are involved with Apples bug bounty program.

Ive had the same reps on the chat and phone support with Amazon for 7 months thats how I know they are the same people and also like I said I have admissions and they literally dont deny any of it.

I thought it was a huge deal and Apple senior advisors lied and mislead me for months now saying my discovery warrants compensation but have been strung along for nothing as Ive not heard a thing back from the team i was told to report it to. Its been an awful experience all around and I do not deserve this treatment what so ever.

Preferred solution: Compensation I was told I would receive & winnings from bet apple made.

Apple Pros: Technology.

Apple Cons: Customer care.

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