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I recorded myself both music and all vocals, personal life experiences at home and kept them in iTunes for easy access,now my songs are coming back to me with other peoples pictures and my songs titles renamed,I did not publish them or mark them for public access and never purchased from the iTune store,my material is stated to be done by various artists, I just want the opportunity to reclaim my material, or have help from iTunes to identify them with me so those who have found my unprotected material and copywritten them can be identified.{I am Junior Baptiste the sole artist arranger performer and recorded myself at home.}

Location: New York, New York

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Should have copyright them!


this was answered , computers don't work for you.. They work with you..

Just keep learning!!

We all haveto just keep learning ... lol :)


Sounds like iTunes guessed it could match your files with those available in the iTunes Store, so it attempted to download the appropriate album art, as it does with all files not purchased from the iTunes Store. Your files are not "stolden" (stolen?).


What does this have to do with Apple? iTunes is a folder and organizer of your audio and video, actually it's much more but you don't use those features.

It doesn't rename your music or add Album art without your permission. I don't know if you are advertising" Tune Up" but it is showing up on your post.

That can change you album art and possibly names. To me it sounds like you picked up some kind of Virus that is messing with your Itunes folder.


I am not sure if itunes is responsible for the security of you're pc but check the actual folder where the music is saved do not modify the file. get the copyrights to it and keep the file saved somewhere.

In the properties area of the file it will show date created and dates modified. If it ever became a legal issues in court that would help you out a little.

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