I've had a full range of Apple products since 2006. I like the design of the products but have come to hate the company, the greed of the company, the poor product quality, and generally the arrogant/smug customer service I get.

I've had significant problems with 60% of my products; it's usually arduous and challenging to get help with the issues.

Sometimes I don't get help at all.

The problems with the faulty products are too long to mention.

I just think overall Apple is so hungry to make money that they've lost product integrity.

When there is a widespread problem, Apple just covers it up and lies to the customer until there's enough of us that complain.

Over the last two years, I've said never again and I mean it now. I'm done with apple.

I really hate this company.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Apple Pros: Jhkj.

Apple Cons: Jhjkj.

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Agreed...the greed and arrogance is shocking at times... They become too big to fail, and I think every day about getting rid of all of their products, just need something comparable that integrates nicely with scheduling, etc.

I’m not sure if they care, but I must take note of the fact that most of their innovations lately have been minimal and well behind the times. I’m not sure if Apple is slowly dying on the vine, but it has that feel of a legacy product that managed to hang on.


Poorly run company, Iphones are dying out, innovation is minimal. Many better choices.


Apple is not all that and is none of that. They are not so good as to have an arrogant attitude.

Dump 'em.

You are in charge, not Apple. Without customers they are just another bad company.

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