I've never had more issues with any product like I have with apple. I brought in a mac laptop due to a powering on issue.

The charging light was turning on but the computer wouldn't turn on. Brought to the Cerritos apple store to a technician who said he didn't find anything with it therefore had to be sent out for a flat rate of 500. Clarifies that no matter how small the issue it would be this amount and could only go up unfortunately if damages were bigger. I decided not to proceed as it was an older version and for that price it was just not worth it so what did I do?

I made a HUGE mistake, I purchased a NEW LAPTOP! The old computer was then taken to a different personal technician who clarified it was just a false connection the power button was making. There was no replacement of any sort needed he fixed it right in front of me within a couple minutes with absolutely no charge and my computer worked like new. Don’t wonder why apple is such a big company with money this is the reason they don’t take responsibility for their damaged products instead they make YOU pay.

A couple months later my beats are doing the same thing charging lights are on but won’t power. Brought them in and no surprise they want to charge a flat rate without knowing what the issue is AGAIN! I expressed my initial concern and dissatisfaction with the first scenario to "lead" Max who refused to provide his last name or employee i.d. He stated that the information provided to me the first time around with my laptop was "incorrect" I then expressed my concern in having the employee trained he said absolutely will and then I asked how will you do this again if you have no idea who helped me since you didn't care to ask for my serial # of my laptop?

Point is if google troubleshoot cant solve your problem these techs wont either, they are basically trained to simply do basic reset steps provided by google. I use to swear by this company and even recommend their products now I will be doing the complete opposite and voicing my experience this company via all platforms possible.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Apple Cons: Service, Lack of empathy, Responsibility of products.

Location: 239 Los Cerritos Mall, Cerritos, CA 90703

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