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Apple - Itunes disgrace

I tunes program is a complete disgrace in programming. It is the most convoluted, complex and difficult to use program I have ever tried (and I have decades of IT use experience. Just a simple thing like editing a playlist, adding or deleting a song is unbelievable difficult. They show 3-4 areas where the music is listed but only one area where you can edit songs? If you use it everyday there is a chance you remember the method. Is apple trying to purposefully trying to *** off users. its bad enough they live in the proprietary software dark ages without this bloody insult to injury.
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I googled "itunes disgrace" (because that's what it is) and came up with this review. I can only say that I completely agree with the original poster.

iTunes is without a doubt the worst piece of software I have ever encountered in my 45 years of computer/IT experience. It's slow, impossibly bloated, crashes often, ergonomically suspect, and near-useless.

Unfortunately, if you own an Apple device, you're stuck with it.

If Apple would spend even 25% of the time they take adding more useless features to fix its innumerable problems, it would be an absolute boon to Apple users the world over.

For me, whether I connect my phone via wifi or USB, I'm lucky to get a complete sync without it crashing.

Apple, please take note!

* I can only speak for the Windows version of iTunes, however. Perhaps the Mac version actually works?

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Sydney, New South Wales
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Apple - Rip off iphone 6 plus

I went to some store by the name 'Chaz electronics'. I bought an iPhone 6 plus for $1,299 gold case 16 gb. I got a little doubtful and I questioned the guy why it was Soo expensive. He told me that that's the price for the 6 plus and that I should blame Apple for it. Later I went this store with my new iPhone called 'eradication devices' which is like a more professional stor that the last one. I asked them for and iPhone 6 plus 128 gb gold because I was just too curious how much it would be. And to my surprise it was only $499 I got Soo pissed off that I went back to that store returned that iPhone . Earlier they were not accepting it but than I told them the actual price and I told them I'd sue them. He frightened took back the phone and gave my money back . I went back to 'eradication devices' and bought the 128 gb gold iPhone 6 plus for that awesome price they were lending for.
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Not apple's fault. don't know why this is even here.

you're a It didn't occur to you to look up the prices online before going out there? and why would you believe someone like that?

Even the Ipad which is bigger than the *** phone is no where near that much. Like I said you're an ***.


Your fault. Research prices before you buy things.

Seriously. Markup is not illegal.

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Sydney, New South Wales
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Apple - Extremely poor battery life with the new iOS 8 upgrade for iPad

I'm finding the latest iOS 8 update a really poor upgrade.  To make way for new features that I probably won't use much, my battery life has been decimated by it on my iPad.  I've followed as many tips as I could on the subject such as enabling auto-brightness, switching off apps from running in the background, having WiFi enabled, etc, but this hasn't helped very much to be honest.  Has anyone else out there had similar issues and come up with a useful solution?  My feeling is that Apple is trying encourage us to upgrade hardware too to be able to use their devices as they once used them, with this more draining software.  I would get about 60% battery life from my iPad now, so it becomes a lot less useful when I'm out and about, which is what the iPad is all about for me, ie not having to plug it in all the time or cart around a power cord for it.  It means that I use my iPad 40% less now unless I'm near a power point and have my power cord handy.  I'm guessing you get more battery life out of Samsung and Windows tablets.  Can someone tell me more on this if they know more please?
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Apple + Virgin Canada can't unlock iphone what a ***!!

My son purchased a iphone 4 from Virgin Canada. He has now moved back to Australia and can't get the iphone unlocked from Virgin Canada. They say they don't unlock and Apple say they can't unlock, its up to Virgin. Where does this leave the consumer. This is disgraceful - how can they stop people using an item that they have actually purchased. Everyone in Canada - avoid Virgin Canada. He has tried online companies that state they unlock iphones but this hasn't wlorked either. If anyone has any ideas please let us know. I would like to say that Virgin Australia are fantastic, but avoid Virgin Canada like the plague!!!!!!!
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First I want to start with Apple policy. They sell Phones in bulk to the carriers. Part of their contract with all carriers is that they will provide them in a state that is locked to that carrier and under no circumstances will Apple ever unlock a phone, ever. They have never offered or advertised this to the public and likely never will.

Apple does sell unsubsidized phones that are not locked starting at around $600. The problem is not many carriers are willing to unlock a phone since that is a guarantee the phone will be off their network and they can never profit off of them again. I'm not sure which international carriers do unlocks but in the USA only AT&T is currently offering this, only if you pay full price for the phone (as in the non contract price which is the same Apple charges) or they will unlock it if your contract with them expires.

Your issue is with the wireless carriers and not Apple. Good job at posting in the incorrect section.

One last tip, be like 50 million other iphone owners and just jailbreak the thing, its not hard and is fairly safe as long as you are not a total n00b with computers.


Hello everyone.

First, I'd like to say I'm in the same boat.

Second, and here is the sad part :

What you purchased was the legal right to use the hardware and software within the iPhone. You have the legal right to use it as described in the terms of use. You do not have the right to modify, inspect, alter or change any part of the hardware, or software. Nor are you allowed to reverse engineer any part of the hardware, or software for any reason.

Unfortunately, no one seems to understand what they are paying for. :-(

Your son doesn't own an iPhone - he has one.


I have had the same exact issue. I paid the full price at Virgin as I had to move to the US and they said they cannot unlock the iPhone - they will unlock every other phone though

SO disappointed with Virgin. This is purely something that Virgin needs to address. They had me pay any extra 4 months fill in Canada saying that the service would be available in a few months. Those months have come and gone and now I finally terminated all my ties with them with their sorry *** thinking they are helping me by saying "Apple will unlock it for you"... where as I have spoken to MULTIPLE Apple store geniuses and each of them has ALWAYS had the same response: we don't unlock, your carrier must.

Also, how come it is legal for Virgin to open every other phone but the iPhone EVEN WHEN ONE HAS PAID FULL PRICE FOR IT>

EXTORTION and none of this is what they tell you when you sign up. THey say " yes yes you can unlock it if you pay full price"

BLAST THESE Virgin people... now I have a brick

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Sydney, New South Wales

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