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Apple in New York, New York - Tim Cook Is A Fraud

Caught in the battery scam for the iPhone 6. Typical trip to Apple Store - 90 minute wait! They never offered any info about the supposed free replacement options. All they kept pushing me for was to buy a new phone. And Tim Cook calls Zuckerberg a bad apple?
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Apple Cell Phone

Very disappointed in Apple

My family and I have faithfully purchased nothing beyond Apple for everything from iPhones ,iPads to iMacs and MacBooks . Have had 25 years dedication with ATT and the last 8 years my (4-5) lines of service costing over $350-400 month have been 100% all Apple iPhones. Years back I had a service issue with a warranted iPhone and at that time the support person kindly handled my extreme stressful situation . Upon my explaining we live out in the country with the nearest Apple Store over 2 hours away , the support person was kind of enough to send me a replacement next day along with self labeled return box which immediately upon receiveing replacement phone I sent back the faulty phone and all worked great. Well not so great this time. I did a next plan with my line 4 months back ( sadly no more 2 year upgrades all lines are now part of the next ( above retail marketing planing $$) anyway , substantial issues four months later. Phone is iPhone 6. The screen will not respond to any touch at all. Unless I continual push off button multiple times and re-enter password etc so as to achieve 1-3 characters till I click off and repeat each time . Many times the phone when clicked on will rapidly scroll and randomly call multiple numbers ( embarrassing .. Followed with flipping thru tons of websites ( I never used ) auto filing passwords till I am locked out of accounts . I also noticed my screen on the bottom edge is loose and pops in and out when touched. Contacted Apple support ( Kevin ) even after explaining my serious issue with trouble driving more then a couple miles let alone 2 hours each way to the nearest Apple Store which he stated was once option and the second option was to send in my phone and after a week or two when replacement arrives . I clearly informed Kevin that my business lines are sll connected to my cell phone and one day of loss use would financially devastate my families living exspenses for over a month due to the loss of work . Anyway it's been many weeks and I am not able to ,ale the drive nor do I sadly have another method to get there and all along I am substantially making each call or contact use exceed 30-45 minutes compared to the normal 1-3 minutes needed. First the upgrade option is stripped from the very loyal clients like myself ( 25 years ) to no longer run downtown to bestbuy or radio shack etc to replace any of the 4-5 lines constantly in use. The biggest insult and let down is the failure to offer to send a replacement phone so as not loose my job over the rediculous greed of demanding all replacements be suspended at all local stores( Walmart , best buy etc) to be told to travel 2-3 hours to a closest Apple Store. Let alone the previous method where I was never without a phone at all . Quite convenient that to purchase any Apple phone can be immediately performed at all local box stores. Just the service and warrant issues is where Apple has decided to totally insult and loose many many long term commited clients. My phone is under full warranty woohoo. Try to have anything remotely convenient for a solution. Won't happen. Same issue with my MacBook I purchased 6 months ago and the last 3 months have had major password issues and absolutely I contacted support . Still without that MacBook as well.
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While I feel sorry you cannot remember your passwords or write them down I don't know why or what the reference to AT&T has anything to do with your story here.

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Apple Cell Phone
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Poor customer service
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Send a replacement iPhone 6 immediately and I will return my phone same day I receive replacement

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