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Horrible Service.....Apple Has Become Too Successful and Are Taking Customers for Granted!!

Gave my son the run-around with his NEW Iphone5. I had to intercede with AT&T and Apple and get a replacement phone - WHICH IS UNDER WARRANTY. Jury is still out with this Apple Store, but I fear the worse given the experience we've had so far. ------------------------------------------------ />UPDATE & Final Verdict! - We had our under-warranty phone shipped directly to his apartment in Boulder (this is after making a big stink) and my Son went back to the Apple Store (3rd time) to see if they would accept his old phone.....saving him the time and effort of going to the Post Office. NO HELP FROM THE STAFF AND THEY SUGGESTED HE MAIL IT BACK. Now let me ask you, does this sound like good service? Apple will become another General Motors in time with this sub-par Customer Service! Beware and stay clear of this Apple Store!
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Get over it. You tossed a fit because you didn't like their answer and whined your way it a swap from Apple Care via mail.

And they likely told you that you have to MAIL back your old phone.

You went to a store, I bet without asking if you could return it to a store, and whined cause no you can't.

Whaaaa whaaaa what a great example for your son


I don't mind supporting someone with their frustrations, but what was the problem in the first place. We know it has to do with the iphone 5, but what was wrong with it?

(Bad Wifi? Bad screen? etc.) Then what was apples resultions to the problems and did they persists meaning it is something wrong on apples end and not the consumer... Unless there is more to this post I am not seeing!

All I am seeing is your son got the run around... Something about At&t and some jibberish about getting a new phone, something about an old phone being accepted. etc!

We as comsumers have the power to get companies to change practices, but we need to make sense. Establish the problem, the resolution failures, and what we expect in the future!

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