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Apple - My songs I recorded Stolden through iTunes from my home computer
I recorded myself both music and all vocals, personal life experiences at home and kept them in iTunes for easy access,now my songs are coming back to me with other peoples pictures and my songs titles renamed,I did not publish them or mark them for public access and...
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this was answered , computers don't work for you.. They work with you..

Just keep learning!!

We all haveto just keep learning ... lol :)

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Apple in Long Beach, New York - Mac Mall Horrible Company

What ever you don't buy anything from them just spend a little more money and go to Apple store. I bought an IMAC from Mac Mall that was defective right out of the box. But instead of them giving me a new computer or a refund...they told me I had to go thru Apple Care Warranty. Which I had purchased in in case the computer malfunctioned later on, I thought this was ridiculous how do you sell a lemon. Later on the Apple store told me they would have given me a refund only if I has purchased the computer thru them. Either way this experience left a bad taste in my mouth.
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Apple in New York, New York - Poor Customer Service and Craftmenship

To Whom It May Concern, My iMac G5 ad gone into sleepmode on Tuesday, Dec 4, 2007, and quite frankly, did not wake up; no lights, power, "bong"…zip. I'd dropped off my computer at your Palisades mall location in West Nyack on Sunday, December 9, 2007 for repair. Though, it is stated on the receipt that I would be contacted within 24 hours as to the cost of the repair, no one had called me. On Thursday, December 13, I called the store. I spoke to a gentleman who informed that they were awaiting a power supply for the machine and it should be in within a couple of days. On December 17 the Apple Tech called and said that he'd been troubleshooting the machine that afternoon and had "no problem with booting up." Considering I was initially informed it was a power supply issue—I asked what the problem was. He said he'd taken the back off of the machine and checked the button near the connectors for the power supply, which could have come loose, and had run a diagnostic. I thanked him and said I would be over as soon as possible to pick up my computer, which was Tuesday, December 18. I'd gotten the computer home and was eager to return to work on a project that remained dormant during that time. A single "bong" and the power went off. I immediately, called the Apple Store and was informed to bring the computer back. Considering they'd had the machine for more than a week and were unable to obtain any resolve, I really didn't see the need to drive 12 miles out of my way for additional disappointment. In the past your Techs -- who you deem as "geniuses" -- were able to analyze the situation and come up with a solution to the problem. I'd had an issue with an apple monitor years ago which Apple knew was faulty who's "geniuses" -- before they were bestowed as such -- so had the nerve to tell me that "monitors don't last forever." I'd had the same model of monitor replaced twice in three years and this is the glassy-eyed response I got. Later I received a telephone call from someone who'd monitored the call and said I seemed "unhappy". I asked them if Apple was going to compensate me for the time had lost or the cabs I'd taken downtown to replace one busted monitor with another? He said, nothing. I then told him that he was wasting even more of my time and hung up. I couldn't and can not, so humbly standby and give Apple a passing grade when I and others like me; designers, art directors, photographers illustrators—enthusiasts, who have used your products from the beginning, are asked to continually dismiss poor product performance and mediocre customer service so that it looks good when you average it. Years ago your products were built to last. Maybe the technology is moving too quickly and Apple is finding it difficult to keep up while seizing a broader market share? But there are those of us who were with you from the beginning. And I believe I don't stand alone when I ask is that you refrain from becoming just another major corporation whose forgotten those of use who love and use your product -- and continue to do so -- and supply us with the service that we deserve, based on standards that you yourselves set forth. Godspeed to those who think your interface is cool and fun. I agree with them—it is! But it doesn't really amount to a lot if all these trendy measures are a substitute for reliability. Sincerely, Timothy C. Hunter
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