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Apple Madness: a 7 month ordeal and counting

July 20th, 2007: I order a MacBookPro online directly from Apple Computers. Mid-August, 2007: MacBook Pro arrives DOA (dead on arrival)During a telephone call Apple Computers promise a new Mac within days. 2 weeks pass and no Mac I contact Mac concerning the fact that nothing has arrived. Apple re-promises that the MacBook Pro is being shipped within 48 hrs and arriving within two weeks(!!); they offer to throw in a product from their store to compensate for the time delay (limit: $50). I agree but do not yet choose a product. 13 days later, I check the tracking number and see that the MacBook HASN'T EVEN BEEN SHIPPED. The following day (a Friday) I contact Apple to complain. They promise updates throughout the weekend from "a team" that is working on getting it to me ASAP.I wait, but there is virtually NO COTACT FROM APPLE THOUGHOUT FRIDAY OR THE WHOLE WEEKEND. I call Monday, demand to speak with a manager, and discover that NO ACTION HAS BEEN MADE ON MY CASE. The manager I speak with asks if she can call me back in 45 minutes to "look into your case". She refuses to acknowledge that this is, in fact, bad service (only repeating again and again, "I understand that you are upset, but let's see what we can do . . ."). 1.5 hrs later, SHE HAS NOT CALLED BACK, so I call the Apple management team AGAIN(!!). They offer NO EXPLANATION for why no action was taken during the previous weekend or why the manager did not return my call. I inform this second manager that it is perhaps unwise to promise a client that you will call them back and not do so when said client is already receiving terrible service. Although this second manager also refuses to acknowledge that this is bad service, she does offer a credit of $200.00 (or thereabouts) to compensate me for my trouble(s) and continued absence of the laptop. I accept the offer of compensation. Recounting what they have promised to send, the manager states that I am to receive a MacBook Pro, a cheque of (or around) $200.00, and an armband that carries a video iPod as per MY CHOICE OF PRODUCT from the Apple Store. I inform her that I DID NOT CHOOSE the armband (I hadn't made any choice t all, in fact), but that I do not even own a video iPod. I ask who decided on the armband on my behalf and the manager replies she doesn't know. I choose a different product. The manager informs me the cheque will take approximately 6 weeks(!!) to arrive. Because I am moving from one province to another, I inform her NOT TO SEND THE CHEQUE TO MY CURRENT ADDRESS and I provide her with my new address. (NOTE: I have, in fact, already informed every Apple telerepresentative that I would be moving out of concern that the initial purchase may arrive too late) Within two weeks the MacBook Pro and product from the Apple Store arrive. Finally. Several weeks later, and having moved to a different province, I call to inquire about the cheque. An Apple management team member informs me that it has been sent to my OLD ADDRESS, so the process will have to start all over again. They ask me to e-mail my new address to them (even though I have them on the line at that very moment). November 29th, 2007: I send the e-mail with my new address. January 16th, 2008: I call Apple to inquire about the cheque at a number recommended by an Apple rep. What a surprise: no one at the number knows anything about the cheque, or what kind of credit it might be. They forward me to another rep that also has no background information available on my file concerning the cheque/credit and they forward me to someone else. This third person takes my address (AGAIN!!) and personal information and promises someone will be in contact with me within 24 hrs. I ask if there's a number where I can issue a complaint. The rep offers a number. I call it, and that number connects to Apple Canada's general information number. There is literally no option to discuss issuing a complaint with anyone. I call another number to issue a complaint. Because they have no information concerning the cheque they have no number that they can recommend for me to issue a complaint.
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