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My MacBook Air was no longer charging when plugged in, despite the battery icon claiming to be normal when I hit option/click. I went to the Genius Bar at Conestoga Mall in Waterloo, Ontario, where I waited 2 hours for an appointment. The tech diagnosed the issue as...
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Toronto, Ontario

Apple's customer service is at it's worst!

Apple's customer service is terrible I have been a loyal customer for over 10+ years until my most recent incidence with Apple just last week. I travelled from the States to Canada for a few months and am currently in Canada when I noted that my battery was not charging quite right, called apple and of course to get the battery fixed its $299. But looking further into things, I was told the problem could be my push button and that it is HIGHLY recommended that I go to an apple store near the area (about 40 mins drive) and get it replace. I got an appointment for next day since it is "highly recommended". Once at the store everything went downhill. I had an appointment for 12:50 and the apple rep helping me took my device, stated I'll get it back in 10 days, hands me a loaner phone and walks away. NOT ONCE checking to see if the loner phone works. It turns out that the loaner phone was locked to a Canadian company and when I am trying to get her attention, she ignores me and moves on to the next customer. Finally after waiting for her for 15 mins, I moved on to another apple rep who told me the problem is not their device, but to try turning in on and off to see if it will read my sim. Finally he realized the phone is locked, gave me a new "unlocked" phone. I get the same message of "SIM NOT VERIFIED" and once again I asked for a universal unlocked phone! And his response was "the problem is your sim card, not our phones- get your sim checked out" - WOW! some customer service and i realized I am not getting anywhere with this store. I went home called apple, and after about 4 hours of being on the phone, trying to work on THEIR FAILED loaner device by refreshing, erasing and even Apple calling my phone company to make sure there were not problems on their end, we got NO WHERE. Their advice was to go to another Apple store that is even further that the previous one and see if I can get another loaner phone. At this point, being away from home and in desperate need of a phone, I was willing to try anything. Went to another location next day only to be told they don't service any loaner phones not provided by their location and also all their apple loaner phone are locked to Canadian companies so if you are from anywhere else- well you are pretty much looking at no phones available for you. Why am I being told this here and not where I was the previous day or even over the phone? Shows that the employees have no clue about their own products. Their advice was BUY A NEW APPLE PHONE so you can have a phone for 10 days! They think I will just fish out $1000 - how about giving me a free NEW phone for those 10 days to show that you actually care Apple? So after traveling over an hour, I came back only to call Apple to inform them of the situation. Two days later, Apple calls back -"sorry about your experience, we will make a note of this so that no other FUTURE customers have to go through what you went through". And that was that! After having iphone first gen, iphone 3, iphone 4 and iphone 5 - MY NEXT phone will be an android. My whole family is apple users since it was easy to facetime- but all 9 of us are slowing going to make our way to Android by 2015 since their are 100s of ways to video call with an android! And of course I have my experience posted on my fb wall, whatsapp and other contact devices so that both my Canadian and American friends know about the kindness (sarcasm) I got from Apple. Done with Apple - still waiting on my phone to come back - until then I have nothing to work with- Great way to lose customers Apple!
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Hasta LaVista

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Toronto, Ontario
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how about providing me with a FACTORY UNLOCKED phone because I know you sell those!

Apple - Replaced brand new ipad mini witha refurbished one

I recently bought a brand "new" I pad mini, in the unsealed box. In exactly 2 months the unit would not turn on or anything. It was frozen in the off position. I contacted Apple service. They had me try several things with no results. They had me return it to an apple repair facility and was told I would receive another unit in 24 hrs. I received the unit only to find I received a "refurbished unit" from Apple. I contacted Apple service to be told that is what you get. I explained it was brand new. Sorry that is our policy. I said what was the purpose of purchasing brand new when I could have purchased refurbished for less money. They just said that a refurbished is just as good. Some answer. Buyers beware of Apple's stupidity. Not only do you pay top dollar for their product, they give a refurbished back to you in less than 90 days old. If it was over the 90 day period, it would be understandable. Costco and most reliable retailers would just give you a brand new unit, not a refurbished one. I guess that is how they make so much money, so they cheap out, so that why they are the most profitable company in the world. Wonder if Steve Jobs would approve of this? New ownership sucks.
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Bummer! That has happened to a handful of our customers.

We sell used and refurbished all the time.


You should never buy anything like that unsealed - it was probably used.

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#481924 Review #481924 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Toronto, Ontario

Apple iPhone 5 purchase from Apple Store

I purchased a new iPhone5 at the apple store in Toronto for price of $799 plus taxes in October 2012. I was told that I was not allowed to leave the store until the phone was configured to a cel phone plan, which I had with Telus. (I was upgrading from 4S to 5). Apple staff converted the information, and the phone was up and running. I loved it. December - I wanted to change my celphone plan. Signed up with Fido, and had everything done at the store. The iPhone 5 would not read the SIM, because unknown to me, the iPhone5 was locked to Telus. I find this very disturbing that in spite of paying full price that Apple would firstly lock the phone to a carrie, and secondly, not let me know about it. Since this phone number was the only phone I had (no land line), I had to purchase another android phone on the spot to ensure I had a phone that worked (the info was already transferred to Fido and Telus was no longer active). I called Apple support and was told that I had to call Telus to unlock the phone or go to the Apple store after escalating the issue. I called Telus, and was told that according to their standard policy, in order for them to unlock the phone I would have to have used for at least 90 days, which I did not, so they would not unlock it, AND with the account schedule to close in December it would be against their policy. By this time, I was very frustrated. I asked to have the issue escalated as I owned the phone and not Telus, and if they had stuck by their policy I would have a brand new iPhone 5 locked to Telus, completely useless for my use. After escalating within their department, they finally succumbed to logic and agreed to unlocked my iPhone 5 for $35 plus tax. 45 minutes later, the phone was unlocked. I have used AND owned iPhone 3S, 4, 4S and now 5. My household of 2 have Apple Air, MacPro, 2 iPod nanos, 3 iPads, 1 iPhone 5, and I have personally paid for and gifted 3 iPads, 2 iPod touch and 1 iPod Classic. AND to be treated as such, I found completely contemptuous and careless of Apple Support, and Apple in general. I am still a proponent of Apple, however I am finally starting to see why the migration to Android. Apple is the catch phrase now, but continue to treat your supporters so crassly and see where the company would be in 10 years. As for the Android phone I had to purchase, I had it unlocked on line and will be giving to my brother who is currently using my old iPhone 3GS. (Unlocking a 3 year old iPhone 3Gs with carrier Rogers is another painful story in the saga of iPhones)
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"AND to be treated as such, I found completely contemptuous and careless of Apple Support, and Apple in general."





you're the one that had to call tech support for something you could have done yourself, for free, on any computer.

oh and learn to google.


I paid full price for an iPhone 5 before they started selling them unlocked. I knew the deal going in.

Phones are LOCKED unless explicitly indicated otherwise. ALL phones, not just Apple phones.

Funny M

Remember with Apple you are not a human you are simply an idrone. They know you are trapped and nothing can be done.

All the idrones I know say the same thing it's a pretty phone, iPad, etc. But what they never say is how good they are treated leaving the Apple store. My suggestion to you is drop all Apple products and move on.

Besides iPhones are for 12 year old girls. Men don't use them.

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#364856 Review #364856 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Toronto, Ontario

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