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Overbilling erroneous charges I got a status update that stated that I needed to change my funding source me and my wife sold our house so everything is held up in escrow so I did something stupid and thought I paid off a credit card and it screwed up my funding source and I had to change it well in doing so it screwed up my bill pay and when I try to pay it I paid it and paid it and paid it well apparently they thought I bought it and bought it and bought it like five times and Im trying to get a refund and the lady took my information it went to the necessary channels and then I went to the necessary channels twice and they rejected it saying they had no information on it and they said I couldnt file again because it had been filed twice and basically I think its a scam I think its like an Apple scam basically sneezy way to screw the customer out of money

Location: Highland Lakes, New Jersey

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Do you still have that credit card? Not sure if you said you completely paid it off.

It happened to me. I was double charged and I put a temporary hold and contacted the merchant. That didn't turn out good so I filed a dispute with CC company. Get plenty of evidence and wait.

CC company will mail you their answer based on the company's response.

Merchant has 90 days to reissue the credit. If they never respond to the CC company your money gets credited to your card automatically

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