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Today I received a alert through my email that someone had been in my account access my Apple iPhone account all last weekend three weeks ago all the way to the beginning of May I have been receiving calls from irate people said someone is because I am from this number using my sons name in my name saying theyre asking for financial information this is a business line and I did not pay attention to it I just explain to the people who we were and let them know that I have been happy to meet you today I received an alert in my email that my account has been accessed I had not access my account and I need to get some type of defense going because money has been taken an arm people have been filing information under my name if I will credit cards I got leads from Amazon

I got a lease from Amazon saying a couple times that I had ordered the iPhone and authorize my bank information I have had money stolen out of my bank account due to this breach

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Yes 1299 dollars.

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