I get a thousand dollar Thunderbolt Display. I open the box, the unit has clearly been returned and purchased again. The wires are a mess. There's something missing. If I'm spending $1000 on an electronic product it better be packed and shipped neatly. It better be new. It better not be a reject.

I opened my six month old macbook pro the other day, suddenly the screen is slightly cracked in the lower left corner. It wasn't dropped or mishandled in any way. There's no sign of damage to the exterior. I bought this six months ago. I'm fed up with how delicate Apple products have become. The overall quality and presentation of Apple products has declined.

I call the Apple store closest to my home, (which is an hour away) to see if they could repair it same day. I need my mac for finals. I get an automated system. Finally I get some random telephone operator who doesn't even work in the store. She just says 'it all depends on whether or not they have the parts in stock' and I said 'could you connect me to the store so I could ask them?' she said no.

Why can't I be connected to the Apple store?? What's the point of having a telephone number if the phone doesn't even ring at the store? It's worse than Ikea's retail phone system.

If these products were a bargain I would be a little more lenient but as an Apple customer I'm paying top dollar. I expect the best.

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Quality died with Steve Jobs.

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