June 5 I sent my phone in and paid 307$ to have the screen repaired or replaced. They had no problem doing that .

June 18th I get an email stating its finished and back. With overnight shipping. I get a door note from fed ex stating I have a package at their offfice. When I called the package doesnt exist.

So a customer support agent and I call fed ex and the open a case on it Hmmm ok, that Saturday at 831 pm. I get an notification from them saying its been scanned back into their facility that was a Saturday after they closed and theyre closed on Sunday. So I have to wait until Monday, I was supposed to leave for a funeral that evening. It had overnight shipping and this started on the 5th And I cant fly without the phone bc everything is paperless and you have to get your ticket scanned now, so I miss the flight, go Monday the 22 up the package.

Its empty, I immediately call Apple, and Ive been trying to resolve this issue with them ever since. Then they want to close the case bc the box was confirmed delivered. Yes! I got the box.

And thats it, just a box! And fed ex took until the 25th to even try and return the phone call back, days after the case even started. Now, Theyre not calling me back, like Ive been told every time they would. they havent refunded the amount I paid to have my screen fixed, they havent done anything!!!

I paid for the 307$ upfront, mailed my phone back in their Payed postage box that they sent and they had no problem taking a payment from me. Ive had An iPhone since iPhone 2. Ive held stock in Apple for the past 6 years, Ive always had iPods, MacBooks, Apple TV, apple everything. And they are acting like a loyal customer means absolutely nothing to them, over a phone I paid cash for to begin with.

Ive been with them for a decade and this is the way they treat the people thats been with them. I would absolutely love to stay with Apple, everything in my house is Apple or hooked up to it in someway. But, after this incident, after all this time and their unwillingness to work with someone, I believe Ive lost faith. Im not even asking for a handout or anything special.

All Im asking for is what I purchased initially, my phone. Fixed. My having to stay that weekend so I could pick up my phone on the 22nd and having to miss my grandfathers funeral was priceless, something they cant replace. That could have just been a shipping issue and Im willing to accept that.

But theyre not willing to fix this issue at all. I never received my phone back or the product I paid for.

I have wasted well over a dozen hours being left on hold and explaining this situation to everyone and yet they still remain ignorant to the people that don’t matter to them. Loyal customers

User's recommendation: Go Samsung, it’s a more capable device to begin with. And Apple doesn’t care who you are or how long you’ve been them, even if they’ve made a mistake somewhere, they are still unwilling to fix the problem, or refund it, or even credit it for another device.

Monetary Loss: $1206.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Apple Pros: Old apple days, First apple computer, Design.

Apple Cons: Lack of accountability, Being shuffled off and being hung up on and not being helped.

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