I used to be a big Apple supporter for computers and then cell phones. The Apple computer was meant to last and you even had tech support even for the old Apple computer.

Other brands would need to be replaced within one or two years, however the Apple WAS able to keep up and you could add on to maintain its life.

NOW Apple is CRAP. Why pay for something so disposable and the tech or any support is pretty well non-existent.

I tried to get a Iphone 6 looked at and FINALLY was able to be booked into a Apple place at Kingsway Garden Mall in Edmonton Alberta. What a horrible experience. If you want to waste your time and have to beg for support.

Well Apple I was just about to replace my current computer and had two others I needed to replace. I am going to bite the bullet and move away from Apple.

Why pay a really really really high price for something that has no real support and no advantage. The non Apple computers are more reasonably priced and generally work the same functions now. My friends have been trying to convince me for years!!

I now have convinced 3 friends in one day to stop using Apple. I will help other people get wise to the absence of quality in the service and product now. Also, I tried to write a complaint to the company as I like to inform them first and look for a solution before spreading the word.

Lots of time waisted, and I was told there is no department or fax number or email to make the complaint!! Apple.

See ya later Apple!!

User's recommendation: save your money get a simular computer that is more compatible in the school and business world for way less. Apple is not the product it once was.

Location: Mississauga, Ontario

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