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Like many, many people I had problems downloading iTunes from the Microsoft store. I wrote to Tim Cook (CEO) asking the reason for this new policy and what was Apple going to do for all the people who had problems. Even pointing out that this was NOT a tech support issue, but a management policy issue, he just kept passing the buck to tech support. In each letter I stated I did not want to be contacted by phone.

I demanded that Cook respond directly. He passed the letter off to a flunky in "Executive Relations" who promptly attempted to phone me, despite my repeated instructions not to do so. I did not answer the phone and blocked the number. I got an email from this person blithely saying she tried to call and I should call her (I think it is a woman from the name -- Nicky Chhina)

I emailed back and told her she was guilty of criminal harassment -- she did not deny this. I pointed out there was no reason she couldn't answer my questions in an email. She just kept demanding that I phone her. I pointed out that the only conceivable reason to insist on phone only would be if she intended to lie and didn't want to accept any responsibility for what she said (a large part of the reason I insist on no phone.)

Nicky Chinna did not make any attempt to deny charges of criminal harassment. Tim Cook did not make any attempt to deny that he was unethical and had a deliberate policy of customer abuse. They obviously agree with these charges.

I don't see how anyone can deny that at the very least, Tim Cook owes me a personal apology. In fact he owes an apology to EVERY iTunes user.

Reason of review: Policy issue / mistreatment of customers.

Preferred solution: DO NOT PHONE ME! Tim Cook needs to apologize for his unethical and incompetent mishandling of a customer complaint.

Apple Cons: Flat refusal to listen to or communicate with customers.

  • Apple Acts Like A Crook
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