I purchased an apple I-MAC 6 months ago. Recently took to apple store with small issues -- APPLE STORE GREAT!!!!

The reason I purchased the mac at best buy was they had a great finance package- only reason. When we decided to purchase the sales associate offered an open box one. I said no, we want a new one not a used one. He informed us that he had just sold this that morning and the couple had brought it back 20 minutes later because it did not fit on their desk, assured us it had not been plugged in, nor turned on.

My trip to apple store proved otherwise, computer had 4 days left on warranty, it had been registered to another owner. I had gone to best buy right after purchasing, asking why I was not prompted for registration, I am new to apples, told don't need to do that with apples , the purchase of the item registers the product. Called customer service, Best buy has no customer service just lip service. Price manager called me *** for not knowing open box meant used, even though they do not disclose this.

She threatened me with police arrest if I spoke to other customers about their misleading associates.

Just ask yourself do I want to spend a large amount of money at a store that will allow associates to lie to you and mislead you in a purchase. You may need to be spending a large amount to correct their dishonest practices.

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Allgood, Alabama, United States #263451

My guess is that the price manager, whatever her name is, forgot to remove the corncob from her nasty snatch before reporting to work. There isn't a damned thing the police could do if you talked to other customers about their treatment of customers.

Killingworth, Connecticut, United States #263450

I'd like to know how this was categorized as an "Apple Complaint". It is clearly a complaint against Best Buy. Early on the complainer even states, in all caps, "APPLE STORE GREAT!!!!" I would guess that "pissedconsumer.com" labelled it incorrectly...perhaps out of incompetence on their part.

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