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To whom it may concern,

I am writing you to inform you about my recent experience with Apple.

Let me start by saying I am a big fan of Apple. I and my family own multiple of Apple products; five iPhones, two iPads, four iPods, two MacBooks and various of accessories. I am about to buy another MacBook Pro for my business.

My troubles started when my iPhone started to overheat. Disappointed I ran to the Apple Store and they were more than happy to exchange the phone for me for a new one. I was so pleased.. for a while.

I am a multiple business owner and a freelance photographer and my job involves a lot of travel. Mostly I am between London and Los Angeles. While in LA my iPhone decided to multifunction; the power button just stopped working. So once again I ran to the closest Apple store. They were going to change the iPhone once more, but they couldn't put my phone through the system, because my phone was purchased in Europe therefore it should be serviced there.

I was recommended by an Apple employee to contact Apple Care as they might be able to make an exception. The store manager was not available to talk at the time.

I was firstly promised that the phone will be fixed and the exception will be made, but two hours after I was told that actually there was absolutely nothing that can be done so disappointed I left home.

My phone is a much needed tool for my business so a broken one was not an option.

Then suddenly I've realized - my warranty is about to expire! So I quickly phoned Apple Care and asked if there was something that could be done! I was put through to a manager whom recommended me to phone Apple Care UK as they might be able to do something.

After a couple of hours I've received a call from a manager who said that they might have a solution for me; send the phone back to the UK and then have somebody to take the phone in to the Apple store and then send the phone back. It all sounded great until I found that that the delivery might cost me up to $900 return.

The manager's manager assured me that this is the best they can do, unless I would phone Apple Care US again (fyi both UK and US Apple Care employees work in the same building) and asked them to make an exception as they have the power to do so.

So a week later I've managed to speak to an executive relations supervisor who came up with a very delicate solution; they will fix the phone for me whenever I will be back in Europe regardless of the warranty date and made sure they will take care of me by giving any accessory I wanted. 5 stars for customer service!

I was so pleased with the decision! After numerous of calls, Apple finally came up with something! I was still shocked how difficult it was to reach this point so I thought it would be a good idea for Tim Cook to know of this. So I wrote a short email with my feedback to Tim hoping that he would make sure that this error wouldn't happen again.

The next day my phone rings. Somebody was contacting me on behalf of Tim Cook! I couldn't believe it! My excitement was short lived. I was rudely told that my issue was resolved and at that time Apple done everything they could.

I am going back to London in three weeks. I have decided to let Apple know that I am coming back so when I do arrive my phone will be changed.

The executive relations team phoned me a day after and said that actually there's some really good news; I can service my phone in the US as their polices have changed.

I am not to sure if I was pleased to hear that. At this time I was so annoyed with my iPhone. It has caused so much trouble! I have agreed to service it in the US.

I kindly asked to pass the case onto somebody who could give me feedback of why I had to go through this long process and why did nobody contacted me to inform me about their new policies. A week later the executive relations team contacted me again saying that they have spoke to somebody and unfortunately Apple hasn't changed their opinion.

I was informed that the person that they spoke to is irrelevant and they do not understand why I had to contact so many people. All of my feedback was ignored. It was made clear to me that they have no interest in what happened nor they have any interest to investigate this matter.

I am of course keeping my iPhone.. until my contract is finished. I am confident that a rival company will make a better smart phone in near future, I am more than sure I will be able to buy a laptop to suit my needs. As of now my family and I will be selling our Apple products.

Shortly after this email I've received a call from the same Apple representative asking me whether I have any further questions regarding the case and as I didn't have any I was wished a good day, completely ignoring my whole email!

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Repair.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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