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Tim cook and team(whistleblower) wrote essay I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration to new york times. Piece of garbage Apple is the biggest LOSER company in the world because apple stoled the name iphone and ios from cisco, ipad from LG.

Apple doesn't make camera, processor, and battery, display. 3d touch is from immersion and apple stoled it. Iphone design copy from sony, htc phone. Ipad pro copy from surface pro, keyboard, and features.

Tim *** helped two terroists what to do inside the building in san berdino, CA(2016) and asshole(tim *** hacked informations from two terrorists' iphone because he is biggest *** He is doing BRIBERY to russian federation intelligence agency, isis people. They told terrorists to attack u.s and kill innocent people on 9/11/01, so they laugh so hard. They make nuclear, hydrogen bomb to blow up white house and capital hill and they want to assassinate u.s president. Tim cook and susan bennett, Lisa P.

Jackson and Jimmy Lovine, TBWAMedia Arts Lab, Lisa jobs, and ming chi kuo sell marijuanas, opioids, weeds, pot, and cocaines, opium, and heroin, bath salts, lsd, oxycodone to people. They don't support metoo movement, so they kidnap underage girls to have a hot sex on the bed, they want to lick girls' *** so they got hiv, std. They says nigars to every black people, taco to mexicans, and *** to asian people and dirty jews to russians, honky to white people, sand monkey to middle east people, say spic to hispanic people. Qualcomm says Apple gave its trade secrets to Intel, has proof.

Apple are copying animoji trademark and features from Tokyo-based kk. Isis and russian federation intelligence agency is hacking apple carplay on every cars and it explodes like atomic bomb. Cambridge Analytica, white hat hackers are stealing ur personal email, facebook, and instagram, twitter, snapchat, myspace on all apple devices. All apple products exploded like pipe bomb.

Tim cook and team always LIE to u.

This is 1000% true fact. DO NOT listen to best buy, and target, and walmart, costco, and apple people in apple store, all carriers.TOO SHAME TO APPLE, TIM *** and HIS TEAM.

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Nice joke complaint, too bad not many people get to see it.


You are super duper stupid and need to remove your tin foil hat bro.

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