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Sad,but True; Disappointing, embarrassing, underwhelming. The Genius Steve Job is sorely missed.

Being a Member of P.C.COM for years, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be so P.O. ed at our Beloved APPLE MAC. While Steve was with us, we acquired a MAC PRO Tower, a MACBOOK PRO, 2 iPads & an iPhone. For reasons of access/location, I started to use an old DELL PC a friend gave me.

It was my habit to use the MACBOOK PRO on occasion, as my Lady had issues with the "New" operation system; "Yosemite". THAT was where we first started to realize that not ALL was well.... Upon moving to the iPhone 6+ wherein the infamous "BATTERY SNAFU" Incident occurred, served as the straw on that proverbial camel's back. In brief; Apple released an update that taxed & allegedly shorted the functionality of iPhone's' battery.

Lack of any warning as to this potential damage provoked extreme anger in many customers,causing APPLE to make a conciliatory gesture of a fresh new battery at a reduced cost. Upon contactingAPPLE, our call was Routed to Texas, where we were assured the battery would be sent to a distant APPLE Store across the Hudson River in Nanuet, as the waiting time at our local store was over 2 weeks.. Made appointment, went to appointment (at previous known location in Nanuet; NO ONE apprised us of the new location!?!? ) but, had to drive to new location where, upon arriving 5 minutes late (past the 15 minute window) we were told we had missed the appointment.

As we protested this inconvenience of driving over an hour round trip for nothing, we chose to wait for an opening. After 30 minutes, we were told the battery was running on 85%, but a replacement was NOT in-stock; Have to return to that distant location when a replacement was available for install.. Asked if we could pick up at The Westchester Mall; a closer location. We were told "not possible; We will contact you when we have your battery." BTW; We were given NO confirmation number; They said " We don't require that number".

In addition to this problem,we had issues with our iPads which we were advised to bring with us to the Nanuet Store,where we were dismissed with a negative response. Instead; We were given a Link to do our own "easy fix", WHICH TURNED OUT TO BE NOT SO EASY. Another call;Routed to TN. After 2 hours the fix was accomplished for the iPads.

As for the battery confusion, we were turned over to a Supervisor who, again reassured us we would be contacted within 3 days with confirmation of the order. A week later; No confirmation. We called the APPLE Store at The Westchester location. They had NO RECORD OF ANY ORDER for us.

Back to Square One. Another order was placed with additional re-assurances. We now have an Official Confirmation Number & are in Waiting Mode.

Hopefully; We shall see the Proof of the Pudding soon. Stay tuned.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Cell Phone Part Replacement.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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